Porto exceed Lisboa in Hotel Reputation Ranking

Portugal placed two cities in the ranking of the 100 best cities trivago reputation the hotel world. For the first time, the city of Porto, in 19th position, got better classified that Lisbon, in 22nd place.

The Portuguese cities gain a prominent place in a ranking that excludes some of the most popular European destinations such as Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Paris or London.

Porto went up six positions in the face of last year and is now the ninth European destination with best reputation, ahead of Prague, Berlin and Madrid. Lisbon already maintains its position, after last year, have risen nine places in about 2013.

Sanya, Hainan tropical island destination, in South China, is the first on the list, getting an assessment made by travellers from all over the world to 86.94 points, on a scale from 0 to 100. With an average of 84.76 points, Hanoi in Vietnam, retrieves the second place. Sorrento, small town in the region of Camânia, closes the podium.

China, England and United States are the most prominent countries, each with five cities among 100 best.


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